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The beauty of Boston’s unique approach to a week celebrating fashion is best defined by two things, which have been true since its inception in 1995. First, the commitment to community building and second,  the understanding for a need to evolve with each year.

Fashion is art. Fashion is culture. Fashion is communication. And now in Boston, fashion is community. Above and beyond the hype and glamour that drives fashion, what really brings together the many artists who participate in "the week" locally is a sense of community.

The Creative Economy Initiative is a study sponsored by the Massachusetts Cultural Council. This report shows how important a role the arts play in New England. The study sites that the creative industries is a larger cluster than those normally seen as a driving force in the region (health technology and computer software) employing 245,000 (3.5 percent of the regions work force).

A quote from MCC’s Executive Director, Mary Kelley, defines it best, "Massachusetts has long believed that culture builds community"

With this in mind the cultivation of the fashion arts locally is a sound concept that promises to benefit the community as a whole, affecting education, culture, community services and tourism as well as the economy.

Jay Calderin

Founder & Executive Director

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photo: Louis Selvitella

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